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The Fixed Desk Direct Fixed Income service has been created via our partners to offer WE Private investors traditional fixed income portfolios that are curated, transparent and secure. The service delivers dedicated fixed income expertise with integrity.
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Investment expertise


The Income Portfolio Management team are purely focused entirely on creating value for investors. You get access to a investment opportunities that combine the benefits of total return, capital stability and regular income, keep you as the direct owner.

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Regular income

Investors benefit from a regular income (coupon) stream that can either be distributed to a nominated bank account or automatically reinvested.

Portfolio Diversification
Managed Investment Portfolio Services maximises diversity through WE Private’s unique Direct Bond service enabling us  to offer bonds in $10,000 parcels. A $500,000 investment could hold 50 different bonds.
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Direct ownership

The bonds are held i your own name, your not buy unit's in a unit trust. That way the benefit go directly to you the investor.

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Who you partner with matters

At WE. Private, we are committed to ensuring bonds are accessible for more investors.  Historically, corporate bonds were restricted to $500,000 parcels.  Now, hundreds of bonds are accessible to private investors through our partner Direct Bonds Service.

Find out how we can help you generate a predictable income.


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When you’re navigating uncharted territory, you need a trusted expert. One who has the knowledge and capabilities to steer you through.

Andre Dirckze

Chief Investment officer
WE. Private's services are available to selected clients only at WE private discretion.

This information is provided by WE Private, a division of Wealth Effect Group ABN 18 697 023 795, AFSL 225738 (Boston Reed ABN 89 091 004 885). It does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether its suitable for you and your personal circumstances.

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