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Friends by the Lake

Characteristically, our clients come to us financially independent. Our role is to deliver them financial peace of mind and security.

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We'll take the time to understand you and family's circumstances.

  • Determine your financial goals for the future

  • Establish your idea of success

  • Uncover your risk appetite

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Future vision and Engagement

  • We take the a collaborative approach to meeting your objectives, bring our specialists as required.

  • We have a different approach to investing, we focus on the fundamentals, ignore the market speculation and follow a disciplined methodology.

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  • We take the time to get know you, your aspirations, vision for the future and values all help us create a bespoke investment approach that work for you.

  • We focus on your asset allocation targets, ensuring the right blend of diversification across all asset classes, so your investments are structure to reach your goals and preserve your wealth.

Building solutions together

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  • First we create your full financial picture and together we make informed decisions about your future direction, considering the trade of each underlying choice.

  • You'll have the benefit of hind sight, and clarity around our proposed recommendations.

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Implementation - Set up and implement your solutions

  • Now you have clarity we'll create your portfolio so you can feel confident you on the road to success.

  • We'll give you full transparency and access to your information every step of the way.

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Ongoing management - Review service and solutions

  • We schedule regular reviews, so you can have as involvement as you need.

  • Our team will keep you informed through regular updates, so you have confidence you are meeting your goals and staying the course.

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Who you partner with matters

We'll bring in our team of experts to assist you unlock debt and equity across your portfolio. Choose the institution that right for you.

You'll receive a tailored plan, that fits in with your wealth management strategy that keeps all your finances moving to reach your future vision.

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Every part of your financial world, however complex, should work together seamlessly. We are able to assist you with deep expertise in both debt and equity solutions, unlocking opportunity with strategic debt management and priority transaction support.
Andre Dirckze

Founder Wealth Group

"Andre and I want to make a real difference in our client’s lives. Something that extends far beyond simply offering financial advice.  We practice what we preach, and only give advice we follow ourselves, so we know our strategies work because they have been tested by us on us.


We started out on this journey together to move away from corporate financial life and build a future that allowed us to be in control of the hours we work so we could spend time with our loved ones while they are young." 


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When you’re navigating uncharted territory, you need a trusted expert. One who has the knowledge and capabilities to steer you through.

Andre Dirckze

Chief Investment officer
WE Private's services are available to selected clients only at WE private discretion.

This information is provided by WE Private, a division of Wealth Effect Group ABN 18 697 023 795, AFSL 225738 (Boston Reed ABN 89 091 004 885). It does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether its suitable for you and your personal circumstances.

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