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Self Managed Super

It's your future.

We have recently purchased our 2nd investment property within 24 months, both of those through our SMSF. An extraordinary outcome. We were delighted and blown away by the level of service, commitment and knowledge of the property market, you were with us from negotiation to settlement and it fit right into our personal wealth creation strategy. All the hard work was done for us having the right network of people to get the job done. We saved thousands and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We are now planning our next move with confidence!!

In your free SMSF consultation we will...
Review your current super funds
Compare costs
& complexity
Assess Investment 
 Have a clear understanding of how SMSF operates

Connect to your super and watch it grow


An SMSF allows a trustee to combine their super assets with up to three other members (such as partners or family members). Consolidating super accounts immediately creates a larger fund balance, which increases the fund’s assets and investment opportunities – with only one set of fees.

Direct access to a wide range of shares, term deposits, and exchange traded funds (ETFs) with the ability to buy and sell online in real time, whenever it suits you.

SMSF trustees must lodge an annual tax return and audit, and pay ATO fees (these are capped and not based on a percentage of your super balance). The more an SMSF grows, the more cost-effective it becomes, but the total cost of running an SMSF will depend on the related investments and any costs associated with engaging professional support.

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